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Seasonal Employee Management


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There are many reasons that staffing needs fluctuate. Perhaps your business is experiencing a growth spurt or a decrease in sales. The most common factor however, is seasonality.

Some businesses, like those in retail, experience this far more than others. The restaurant and hospitality industry is greatly affected in high tourist areas like Florida, where their “season” isn’t dependent on holidays, but more so on when people are traveling there. For the rest of the U.S., seasonality revolves around the calendar. November and December means more profits, more customers, more inventories/stock and inevitably, more employees to handle it all.

Shortage of labor can create serious stress for business owners and even damage the quality of the business. In addition to expanding your full or part time staff, hiring seasonal or temporary employees is a viable option. Sometimes coming up with the money to pay for extra employees can be difficult, especially when funds are also needed to purchase more supplies and/or products. Some business owners save up funds for the time of year they know will be most profitable. Another option is to secure a merchant cash advance or small business loan through Funding Merchant Source. The application guidelines are focused more on the total gross income of the business; therefore your approval is not dependent on your personal credit history. The funds can be received in as little as 48 hours from approval.

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