Let Funding Merchant Source help you with yourMedical & Healthcare Business

Offering financial solutions for the medical industry

Offering Financial Solutions for the Medical & Healthcare Industry

Whether you want to open a new location, purchase new medical supplies, or enhance the equipment you already have,
Funding Merchant Source can provide the working capital you need to get it done.

The healthcare field is one of the more difficult industries in which to operate successfully as an entrepreneur. What you’re selling isn’t a product – it’s your patients’ health. This presents a very particular kind of challenge for you. On the one hand, your greatest responsibility is the quality of the care, but on the other, you won’t be around to provide that care if you aren’t sustainable as a business.

In order to straddle that fine line successfully, you need your financing options to be sensitive to your needs. Our merchant cash advances can be exactly that, as we’ve demonstrated with our clients in the healthcare industry throughout our history as a company.

How can your medical practice use working capital from FMS?

  • Renovate or remodel your office space
  • Purchase and/or upgrade expensive medical equipment
  • Hire and train additional staff (doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, receptionists, etc.)
  • Increase marketing and advertising efforts

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