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Offering effect working capital options for beauticians

Offering Financial Solutions for the Beauty Industry

Whether you’re planning to hire new staff, open another salon, or promote your brand to potential customers, Funding Merchant Source has the working capital options you need to get the job done.

Keeping a beauty salon or spa up and coming requires a delicate understanding of your industry. Because new competitors are popping up at such a high-frequency, you need to be ready to take on any financial challenge that may spring up. Navigating the local market in this way means that your finances need to allow you a certain degree of flexibility; flexibility that the traditional bank loan process simply does not afford.

With FMS, you’ll have access to consultations, a fast application process, and customizable repayment terms that will fit perfectly with your particular growth schedule. Also, since the high turnover in the industry makes maintaining brand authority especially important, our working capital options are a great way to expand your marketing efforts.

Imagine your beauty salon using working capital from FMS to:

  • Increase brand awareness and customer engagement by expanding your marketing efforts
  • Hire stylists, nail techs, cosmologists or receptionists, and provide additional training
  • Purchase supplies (hair dye and foils, polish, products, etc.)
  • Renovate space, move to a larger location or open additional salons

Our experienced consultants will provide fast and easy processing of your application and offer customizable repayment terms that will meet the needs of your business.

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