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A Glimpse into Small Business: Sureca US, LLC


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Sureca US, a family-owned and operated business, is based in Houston, Texas. Sureca was founded in 1973 with the intent to develop abrasive products for the automotive and construction industries. Since conception, Sureca has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of abrasive stones for polishing marble and terrazzo to South America.



As the owner and CFO of Sureca US, Flavio Citti intends to continue to improve and expand his company’s product lines to adapt more terrazzo, marble, and other popular flooring solutions to his customers. He is interested in expanding operations throughout the US market and beyond. To achieve this goal he knew he would require alternative financing for purchasing raw materials in large quantities. Having applied for traditional bank loans in the past, Mr. Citti became quite frustrated as he kept getting turned down due to the fact that his business trades extensively in foreign markets. Time and time again, he was told by US banks that they were unable to assess risk for his business and ultimately couldn’t provide financing for his company. His next option was to consider cash advance financing solutions as he was being solicited with regularity from a variety of merchant cash providers. However he was unable to secure financing due to the nature of his business.


Finally, Flavio contacted Funding Merchant Source. We took the time to listen and understand his business model, providing trustworthy, honest, and direct customer service throughout the process. The terms were clear from the beginning and there were no hidden fees or stipulations so Mr. Citti could budget his materials purchasing far in advance.


The results to date can only be described as an extraordinary success. The financing secured through Funding Merchant Source helped Sureca US achieve its highest production milestone to date. This year Sureca produced more than $1 million units worldwide and continue to grow each and every day. The relationship has proven to be a perfect example of our “Your success is Our success” approach to small business funding. The future looks very bright for Sureca US, as they have developed a product exclusively designed for the US Market. Achieving this goal is partially due to the partnership that has been developed and nurtured over the past two years with Funding Merchant Source, and we take great pride in Sureca’s success. 


“Funding Merchant Source has been trustworthy, honest and direct. Very transparent. The deal is the deal. No hidden terms, fees, etc. Terms were very clear from the beginning. “ “Most important, they actually agree to make a deal and follow through. It means that they look at the business and the numbers and took a chance. Many say no, but FMS said yes.”

– Flavio Citti, Owner and CFO of Sureca US, LLC