Seasonal Employee Management

Photo from: There are many reasons that staffing needs fluctuate. Perhaps your business is experiencing a growth spurt or a decrease in sales. The most common factor however, is seasonality. Some businesses, like those in retail, experience this far…

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A Glimpse into Small Business: Sureca US, LLC

        Sureca US, a family-owned and operated business, is based in Houston, Texas. Sureca was founded in 1973 with the intent to develop abrasive products for the automotive and construction industries. Since conception, Sureca has grown to become one…

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How the Affordable Care Act Works for Small Business Owners

The Affordable Care Act is seen by many as a hindrance to small business owners. Here’s how to make it work for – not against – you and your business. Continue reading

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5 Common Accounting Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Scores of intrepid entrepreneurs have come before you, making accounting mistakes so you don’t have to. Analysts and consultants spend years pouring over this data, trying to determine what causes businesses to fail. In this entry, we’ll look at a few of the most common accounting mistakes (and what you can do to avoid them). Continue reading

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Understanding The Five C’s of Small Business Financing

You know what makes your business great, but lenders (trustworthy ones, at any rate) are going to require tangible proof of your company’s potential for growth. So how can you go about giving them this proof? Start by looking to the Five ‘C’s of Small Business Financing. Continue reading

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