Qualify for up to $750,000

What We Offer

Small Business Loans - fast available working capital to meet day to day business needs as well as future expansion and growth

Business Cash Advance​

When we provide you with small business financing, we purchase a percentage of your future sales and advance your capital up front. After you receive your advance, we deduct a small fixed percentage from your daily sales until the full amount is paid back. This means that you will not be overburdened with payments when business is slow, and there is no fixed repayment term.

Merchant Cash Advance​

Funding Business Source specializes in providing merchant cash advance financing to entrepreneurs who have had difficulty obtaining funding from banks or other lenders. If your bank loan applications have been rejected due to bad credit, or for any other reason, our merchant cash advance program is a perfect alternative.

Small Business Loan

If you’ve been turned down for a small business loan, why not think about an alternative source of funding? We may be able to offer you a merchant cash advance, which comes with all of the benefits of a small business loan, however, a cash advance is much easier to obtain!

Company At A Glance

Funding Merchant Source NY Inc. was started by small business owners that understood the importance of fast available working capital to meet day to day business needs as well as future expansion and growth. We can provide your business with merchant cash advance with up to $750,000 within 5 business days. We work side by side with the biggest merchant cash advance company and small business loan funders in the business. This assures the fastest best deal available every time!

The Funding Merchant Source Advantage.

  • Credit cards not a must / we specialize in small business loans.
  • Good personal credit not required.
  • “Cash Flow” & ”Time in Business” and other compensating weighed heavily.
  • No Fixed Re-payment terms.
  • Our Funding Specialist have over 50 years experience.
  • Over 95% approval rates for some type of financing.