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Funding Merchant Source is a leading provider in working capital advances for all types of businesses, from Pizza shops to a Multi-million dollar wholesale distributor. There are very few businesses we are unable to fund. Our staff of financing specialists has over 50 years in combined experience. This means we can give you real answers fast...

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How It Works

When we provide you with small business financing, we purchase a percentage of your future sales and advance your capital up front. After you receive your advance, we deduct a small fixed percentage from your daily sales until the full amount is paid back. This means that you will not be overburdened with payments when business is slow...

Industries We Finance

Why struggle with tons of paperwork to obtain a loan, and then have to wait for weeks, even months to get a response and possibly be denied financing? We have an 80% approval rate. Our financing specialists have worked individually with many businesses, and have created a quick application process that will not have you to jump through the hoops that banks set out for you. Our financing specialists are more interested in seeing where businesses can go, than where they have been. We can get our clients what they need – from $1000 or $1 million and everything in between. Even our payment plan was created to work for you. Rather than have a set payment amount for you to meet each month that you can possibly fall behind on, we have a percentage payment plan that works with your monthly sales.

See What People Are Saying About Funding Merchant Source

Funding Merchant Source allowed me to hire additional staff and dental equipment, and provide my patients laser teeth whitening services. Both my staff and my patients are extremely satisfied with our updates and improvements that our working capital provided us.

My business was growing fast and I went to my bank for a loan. After 6 weeks and no answers, I found FMS. They customized a working capital advance and we kept growing.

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